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A Better Choice for Your Family

Pest control — it’s a necessity for many of us here in Texas. But we don’t have to expose ourselves and our families to dangerous chemicals just to live without pests, especially when there are alternatives available that are safer, work better, and last longer. We only use environmentally-friendly solutions and products in our treatment procedures, which protects you, your family, and the environment as a whole from harmful chemicals that many pest control providers use on a daily basis.

Organic Pest Control

Why put your family, pets, and the environment at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals just to remove unwanted pests? Tejas Pest Control uses only the most effective organic pesticides and environmentally friendly products to service the San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas. These green pest control services treat against insects such as cockroaches, termites, carpenter and fire ants, bees and wasps around your home and can even work as lawn pest control.
Almost all common home and garden pest issues can be resolved using these organic, natural pesticides and repellents. Need pest control for inside the home? No problem. We can treat kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, and even the indoor houseplants themselves. Outdoor pests are no match! Any bug problems? Rid your lawn and garden of fire ants with natural fire ant control products and get rid of roaches indoors and out with non-toxic pest control. Are the pests a bit bigger? We can even stop rodents and squirrels from running around your yard!
Our effective rodent and squirrel pest control won’t harm your real pets. We can keep wasps and stinging insects away from your outdoor living spaces using effective wasp control products. Our list of treatment products includes many types of organic pesticides, natural repellents, organic baits, and traps that can treat any of the most common household pests such as mice, mosquitoes, flies, ants, pantry moths, wasps, and roaches. Don’t let the insect life cycle affect where you live, work and play naturally! The solution is integrated pest management with non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. Protect your family, pets and property while eliminating not only existing insects, but the next generation of pests inside and outside your home as well.
We know you have many choices for your exterminator, but let a Tejas Pest Control professional show you why we’re a cut above the others. Schedule an appointment for a free property assessment today!