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2017 Aug

34 Amazing Cockroach Facts (Secrets) You Want to Hear

34 Amazing Cockroach Facts (Secrets) You Want to Hear They say that cockroaches will be only thing left after a nuclear war, but is that true? Can roaches really climb into your bed and bite you at night? Arguably one of the most hated pests in the world, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about cockroaches. We’re [...]

2017 Aug

Mosquitoes Threatening Diseases:

Mosquitoes Threatening Diseases: Mosquitoes possess the ability to pose some serious threat to people as they carry different kinds of diseases. They create nuisance issues in the rural areas as they disturb the livestock and wild animals and halt recreational activities as well. The tropical diseases that are spread through these insects are one of the [...]

2017 Aug

Roach Bite Ultimate Guide: How to Identify and Treat Cockroach Bites (Naturally)?

Roach Bite Ultimate Guide: How to Identify and Treat Cockroach Bites (Naturally)? It’s frightening enough to know that cockroaches are scurrying around your home, but the idea of them biting you is horrific. Imagine being asleep in bed, feeling the skittering of a roach climbing down your leg, and a suddenly, you feel a quick shot of [...]

2017 Aug


Rodent Rodentia is an order of mammals also known as rodents, characterised by two continuously-growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws which must be kept short by gnawing. Forty-percent of mammal species are rodents, and they are found in vast numbers on all continents other than Antarctica. Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, [...]

2017 Jun

MSU Researchers Continue to Study, Monitor Tawny Crazy Ants

The team at Mississippi State University has been implementing a multi-pronged approach. Mississippi State University researchers are continuing to study a “crazy” creature found in Mississippi’s coastal counties.   The tawny crazy ant, also known as Nylanderia fulva, is a non-native ant species that has been found in the southern United States, including Hancock, Jackson and [...]

2017 Jun

Bug Photographer Goes to Court to Fight His Own Pests

Alexander Wild is a bug photographer, selling his images of fire ants, bed bugs and other critters to pest control companies, board game developers and publications ranging from Nature to National Geographic. However, Wild also must deal with his own pests: Companies, government agencies and others that use his photos in their own advertising without [...]