Fire Ant Bites (Fast) Treatments: 5 Natural Remedies & 2 Conventional Treatments

Fire Ant Bites (Fast) Treatments: 5 Natural Remedies & 2 Conventional Treatments

Fire ants are aggressive little creatures that seem to get a kick out of stinging humans. Individual bites may not be high on the pain scale, but when you’re bit by hundreds of these pests, you feel like your entire body is on fire.

A fire ant sting doesn’t require immediate medical attention, but there are natural ways to calm the inflammation and pain.

Why Do Fire Ant Bites Hurt?

Fire ants are unique creatures in the ant kingdom. Most ants bite, and then spray acid onto the wound.

Fire ants bite you just to get a grip on your skin, and then sting you from their abdomen. These ants inject an alkaloid venom known as Solenopsin. This venom is a compound found in piperidines.

Given the contents of the venom, it’s no surprise that one sting from these ants makes your skin feel like it’s on fire.

Over time, fire ant bites become small blisters.

The severity of the bite really depends on your sensitivity to the venom. Most people will develop itchy bumps that look like single lumps and localized hives. Unlike other insect bites, these bumps will disappear in a few hours.

We recommend looking at fire ant bite images to make sure that you actually have fire ant bites.

When these bites heal, they can leave scars. That’s why it’s important to treat bites as quickly as possible to prevent scarring.

First, let’s cover a few basics:

Make sure that you wash the sting with warm, soapy water to remove bacteria and help prevent infection.

Avoid scratching the bite – no matter how bad it gets – because scratching can make the swelling worse or spread bacteria.

Keeping the bite clean and avoiding scratching can help boost the healing process. Many of the treatments we’re going to discuss also help alleviate itching.

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