9 Fire Ant Facts You Don’t Want Miss

9 Fire Ant Facts You Don’t Want Miss

Think the common house ant is a pain? Wait until you meet the fire ant. Known for their fiery bites and being nearly immortal, these ants are the last pests you want in your yard or home.

Before you start a war with one of the feistiest ants in town, you need learn everything you can about them.

  1. What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are ants that fall under the Solenopsis genus. They represent just a small fraction of the genus, which includes more than 200 species across the world.

Solenopsis are a type of stinging ants, and their stings can be exceptionally painful.

Fire ant colonies may contain a single queen or multiple queens. In just a few short months, colonies can expand into the thousands.

Queens are the reproductive females in the colony, and tend to be the largest in size. They can live up to seven years, and their only purpose is reproduction. A single fire ant queen can produce 1,600 eggs per day. Some colonies have as many as 250,000 workers.

Worker fire ants live about 180 days.

On average, it takes 30 days for a fire ant to mature to adulthood.

  1. What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

A mature red imported fire ant is brownish-red in color, hence their name. They have three sections: the head, the abdomen and the thorax. They have six legs and a pair of antennae just like any other ant.

Black fire ants are worker ants.

The average fire ant size is between 2 mm and 6 mm.

To get a better idea of what they look like, we recommend searching for pictures of fire ants online.

  1. Red Ant Vs Fire Ant – What’s the Difference?

There is no difference between a red ant and a fire ant. Both are common names for ants in the Solenopsis genus.

Red ants get their name from their red appearance.

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