34 Amazing Cockroach Facts (Secrets) You Want to Hear

34 Amazing Cockroach Facts (Secrets) You Want to Hear

They say that cockroaches will be only thing left after a nuclear war, but is that true? Can roaches really climb into your bed and bite you at night? Arguably one of the most hated pests in the world, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about cockroaches. We’re going to clear the air by sharing one of the most complete guides on roach facts on the web.

  1. Are Cockroaches Insects?

Is the cockroach an insect? Yes. They are a part of the same group of insects as the termite, and there are about 4,600 roach species in the world. Of those species, only 30 are associated with human habitats, and four are known as pests.

  1. Do Cockroaches Have Wings?

Can cockroaches fly? If the thought of a roach flying into your face as you walk through the door terrifies you, you’re in for some bad news. Yes, roaches can fly. Most species have wings. And while many roaches have the ability to fly, not all of them do it well.

While still in the nymph (baby) stage, roaches are wingless and cannot fly. Eventually, they develop their wings, and some adult species can fly at least for a short period of time. Smoky brown roaches and male Pennsylvania woods roaches are excellent flyers. American roaches can fly, too, but not very well. The same can be said for German roaches.

Cuban, Asian and Australian roaches can also fly, but they rarely do so.

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