Identify These 8 Bug Bites in Spring

Identify These 8 Bug Bites in Spring

If you live in an area where the seasons are quite different, you probably look forward to spring time all winter long. Winter may be enjoyable when it first rolls around but it doesn’t take long before cabin fever sets in and we are waiting for the times we can spend outside again.

Springtime can certainly be a wonderful part of the year, and there is nothing like getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air. Working in the garden, having picnics and taking walks outdoors are some of my favorite pastimes.

Unfortunately, along with the good is bound to be the bad, and that comes in the way of insect bites. Being able to identify the common inset bikes in spring can take a load off your mind, when the symptoms start to show. Here are 8 types of bug bites you should know about.

  1. Fire Ants

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