Texas Administrative Code





Subterranean Termite Post Construction Treatments

(a) All pesticide applications must be made in accordance with the directions and precautions specified on the labeling of the pesticide used. (b) A treatment of less than the entire structure will be permitted to accommodate the customer’s desires and to allow the treating company to perform the job in a manner prescribed by their professional evaluation and label requirements. (c) All treatments must strictly adhere to the procedures outlined in the disclosure statement required in §7.174 of this title (relating to Termite Treatment Disclosure Documents). A deviation will be permitted when unexpected circumstances occur necessitating a change in the treatment and the certified applicator responsible for the treatment provides the customer with a written addendum to the contract or disclosure documents at the completion of the treatment. (d) Upon completion of a termite treatment, or installation of a baiting system, the company responsible for providing the treatment must leave a durable sticker of not less than one (1) inch by two (2) inches in size on the wall adjacent to the water heater, electric breaker box, beneath the kitchen sink or in the interior bath trap access giving the name, address and telephone number of the business licensee, name and license number of the applicator, product used, method or device used, the date of the treatment or installation of the baiting system, and a statement that the notice should not be removed. (e) The business license holder or, in the case of the certified noncommercial applicator, the applicator must keep and maintain a correct and accurate copy of the Termite Treatment

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